Winter 2014


William Shake-speare famously told the winter in As You Like It, “Though thou the waters warp, thy sting is not so sharp as friend remembered not.” It is a reminder to us at Friends of Fellows Riverside Gardens to remember and give thanks to the many Friends members who have helped us in so many ways throughout the year. It’s cliché because it’s true: we couldn’t have done it without you. Your support, membership, and volunteer time is what allows us to continue to promote, preserve, and improve Fellows Riverside Gardens. This year, together with the MetroParks, we have been able to expand the variety of programs and increase the attendance here at FRG. We celebrated our most successful Summer Garden Party yet and FRG was fortunate enough to host the national American Public Gardens Association’s symposium. The year was full of firsts, records, and achievements.But this time of year isn’t just about looking back to reflect and give thanks about the past. It’s equally about looking forward and making resolutions for the upcoming year. The crisp weather gives us a chance to set aside the outdoor activities and focus on renewing and reminds us. While the growth in the gardens may have slowed for the season, Friends is always busy growing – continuing to expand programming, advancing our advocacy, and strengthening our relationships in the community through membership.

To continue expanding our reach, the coming months will be used to work on making some improvements to our membership levels, provide even more benefit to members, create a dedicated webpage for Friends of Fellows Riverside Gardens, and increase our presence in social media. These improvements will allow us to connect with an even wider range of people and encourage them to enjoy the gardens and programs available at Fellows Riverside Gardens.

As always, the most important way you can help us fulfill our mission is by encouraging your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances to become a member of Friends of Fellows Riverside Gardens, or by giving the gift of membership to help support this valuable non-profit organization. We count you among our blessings this winter and we hope that you will remember your Friends throughout the year!

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