Summer 2015


To paraphrase Richard Brinsley Sheridan, “Won’t you come into our garden? We would like our roses to see you.”


After many months of hard work, I have a huge congratulations and a sincere thank you to extend to our entire membership. We have been working hard to increase our membership numbers so that we can reach a constantly growing audience and share Fellows Riverside Gardens with them. Through your constant promotion and advocacy, Friends of Fellows Riverside Gardens is happy to announce that we have reached a milestone of over 1,000 members who appreciate what Fellows provides to our Valley, and whose faces our roses will be happy to welcome this summer!


It has been truly exciting to see so many individuals – board members, staff, and members of Friends – working together to promote something incredible so that the entire community might benefit. To all of the volunteers who have helped us engage the public, to all of the board members who have been ambassadors to Fellows, and to all of our members who have passed membership information to their friends along with a word about how important their support can be, you did it!


This is a huge accomplishment and deserves to be celebrated by everyone who has helped us spread the word about the wonderful things going on here. We are looking to build on that success and reach our next milestone of 1,100 members by the end of this summer. I hope we can count on your continued advocacy. By passing this newsletter on to a friend or by forwarding our new website to your contacts, you’ll be helping us reach that goal.


During the course of this summer, Friends of Fellows Riverside Gardens looks forward to the

opportunity to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Gardens to experience the beauty and serenity. We know that many of those visitors return regularly to see what is new in the Gardens and attend programs, while some of the visitors will be first timers who have never made it to the gardens before, or who have not been in many years. Whether familiar faces or not, we are confident that some portion of those visitors will see the value in becoming a member of Friends and choose to help us preserve, promote, and improve Fellows Riverside Gardens.


Please encourage those prospective members to join! We would love for our roses to see them.

Visit our website at for more!

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