Spring 2016


Spring is the time of year when many of our members begin planning their garden and considering which seeds to plant for the coming season. If you aren’t the home gardening type or don’t happen to have the space, rest assured that the Mill Creek MetroParks staff has been planning Fellows Riverside Gardens’ spring beds for many months now and we encourage you to enjoy the beauty of the Gardens throughout the year.

Friends of Fellows Riverside Gardens is also taking this time to carefully plan the year ahead. Just like any successful garden, it takes careful planning, cultivating, and tending to maintain the growth and success of the organization. The Annual Meeting, to be held Thursday, April 7, is an opportunity for all of our members to come to Fellows Riverside Gardens, enjoy dinner and some fellowship, learn about the past year’s successes and hear what plans lie ahead. We will also vote in the next wave of dedicated board members who will be continuing the good work of Friends. In advance of the Annual Meeting, we are thrilled to announce that in 2015, the Shop in the Gardens had a banner year, increasing profits a whopping 150% over 2014 and further demonstrating its position as a place to find unique goods for all occasions. Membership has also been a focus for the past year and the committee’s efforts have resulted in a steady increase in membership numbers and a 12% increase in funds raised through membership, allowing us to continue our support of Fellows in more meaningful ways. Membership will again continue to be a focus in the coming year as we expand our circles of support and market ourselves to more and more advocates. On the horizon this year is also the 25th anniversary of THe Sumer Garden Party, an event you’ll want to mark in your calendar right away as the event is very popular.

Friends would also like to acknowledge another very special anniversary. You can see on the overleaf that this year marks the 125th anniversary of the passage of several measures that allowed for the creation of what we now know as Mill Creek MetroParks. Happy Anniversary!

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