Fall 2015


Traditionally, this space has been used to address our members and the hundreds of thousands of visitors to Fellows Riverside Gardens who come annually to enjoy its beauty. But this message is also for the runners who enjoy the roads and trails throughout the MetroParks as a way to stay fit or just let off some steam. And for the golfers who have spent a warm afternoon playing one of the 54 holes offered throughout the park. It’s especially for everyone who cuts through the windy park roads on their way home from work to decompress from the day’s stresses by catching a glimpse of the wildlife. Of course, it’s also for the folks who only make it to the park once a year for a graduation party held at one of the many pavilions.

The message is indisputable: Mill Creek MetroParks is part of our collective daily lives and leaves none of us unaffected in some positive way.

Friends is proud to be able to provide the private support which allows Fellows Riverside Gardens to have additional programs and facilities – features that would otherwise not be possible through public funds alone. But in order to have the privilege of providing that margin of excellence, Fellows Riverside Gardens, just like the other amenities throughout Mill Creek MetroParks, first relies on the public’s support.

Growing something good takes care and nurturing. Sometimes it means getting dirt under your finger nails. The membership base of Friends understands more than most that a beautiful and pleasurable garden takes time, effort, and support from many. We appreciate, both literally and metaphorically, what famed horticulturist Liberty Hyde Bailey meant when he said, “A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.”

So it is with the MetroParks; if we aren’t collaborating to achieve our great collective goals as a community, then this great positive entity we’re sometimes guilty of taking for granted will be at great risk. However, if we all agree—and I suspect we do—that the future of our Mill Creek MetroParks is important to the culture, history, and livability of our Valley, then we must collectively be willing to put in the continuous effort and demonstrate the support which is requested of us.

View the Park as a work in progress with much still to be done, but understand that the work and the progress depend on you. So come down and enjoy all that the MetroParks has to offer this season and don’t forget to stop by Fellows Riverside Gardens.

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